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MonkeyBrains is a San Francisco based ISP and has been in business since 1998. Rudy Rucker and Alex Menendez are the two monkeys who run the show. We offer a variety of services from high speed wireless connections to colocation. If your business is looking for an Internet presence, we can host your server, lease a server, or host your domain on a virtual server. If you are looking for Internet access, residents and businesses across the Mission and SoMa are hopping on our wireless network. Higher end needs can be met with a direct fiber connection from our data center to your business.

If you are a customer looking to check your email or pay your bill, use the links on the left. If you are looking for support, check out the Wireless TroubleShooting Guide or our older support pages. If you don't find an answer, you can send us an email.

If you want to read some reviews of us, check out a couple of customer reviews. Also, follow us on @monkeybrainsnet to keep abreast of any outages.

MonkeyBrains is hiring! To apply please send a resume and cover letter in PDF format to

Check out the following job descriptions:

Technical Support