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MonkeyBrains Clients

High Speed Access Hosting

High Speed Office Connectivity

KQED - Office Internet (dark fiber)
Wikimedia - Microwave connection (40Mbps+)
BAVC - Fiber connection (10Gbps)
Spur - Microwave connection (50Mbps+)
EFF - Microwave connection (20Mbps+)
Uber - Microwave connection (40Mbps+)
America's Cup - Microwave connection (300Mbps)
Emirates Team New Zealand - Microwave to Pier 32 (20Mbps+)
Coffee Bar - Infrared connection (100Mbps)
AirBnB - Microwave connection (500Mbps)
Jawbone - Microwave connection (500Mbps)
Obvious - Fiber connection (1Gbps)
PocketGems - Fiber connection (100Mbps)
Kiva - Microwave connection (20Mbps+) - Fiber connection (100Mbps) - Fiber connection (100Mbps)
One & Co - Fiber connection (1Gbps)
Veritable Vegetable - Microwave to warehouse (20Mbps)
Practice Fusion - Office connection (20Mbps)
MythBusters - Microwave connection (10Mbps)
HTC - Microwave connection (100Mbps)


KQED - colocation, consulting, harware purchasing, office Internet (100Mbps symmetric)
KFJC - we host their streaming server -- take a listen!
Electric Embers is a stand alone ISP that rents space from us. We manage their network connectivity and deal with data center contracts while they do 100% of their own admin.
Sipgate - This VOIP company has their servers colocated with our partner, Telx, and has a cross connect back to our network for connectivity.
Tapulous - Consulting and systems administration for their servers (about 40 servers)
Bajabound - a car insurance company for those who want to drive down Baja! We helped them consolidate down from 7 servers to 2 larger machines running virtual machines.

A couple of our other customers in no particular order: Business Financial Publishing, Launch Capital, Definition Studio, 18 Rabbits, Aquarius Records, BlinkLab, LeftSpace, Traction, Laney Colleges, Paxio Inc, Skunk Studios, iStep Communications Thought Matric, Remodelista, Glidder, Page2Rss, Thingfo Inc.

And finally

300+ domains on our shared servers - and we provide email for 90% of those domains... our systems are continuously tested by customers doing weird things. :)