San Francisco-based ISP since 1998

Our story

An animated illustartion of data being sent between 3 outdoor wifi antennas.

Monkeybrains is a San Francisco based ISP founded by Rudy Rucker and Alex Menendez in 1998. With their crew of like-minded renegades, these two are bringing affordable, hassle-free, month-to-month internet service to the residents and businesses of San Francisco. Monkeybrains customers appreciate our incredible speed-to-cost ratio and our ability to install quickly, with minimal wait time from lead to install.

In the late 90's Monkeybrains started out as a dial-up ISP running out of a warehouse in San Francisco. We ran the whole thing with a few desktop computers connected to a bunch of modems. In the early 2000s we moved operations to the datacenter and began offering web hosting and collocation services. In 2009 Monkeybrains dramatically expanded the ISP by offering wireless Internet access. We have come a long way since those dial-up days!

Monkeybrains now operates a hybrid network of fiber optic and high capacity wireless links servicing over 20,000 locations with over 100 new locations coming online every week. With every installation, we push the limits of available technology and over-deliver bandwidth. We took this approach during a recent campaign where Monkeybrains delivered 300Mbps+ to approved residents of San Francisco using equipment only previously seen on commercial buildings.

Our focus within San Francisco has enabled us to have a personal relationship with the individuals, businesses and communities we serve. In addition to our personal approach to service and support, Monkeybrains takes a progressive stance on Net Neutrality and we believe the Internet should be secure, unbiased and available to all! View our customer map to see if we are available in your area.