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Outages appear after 15 minutes offline. This map shows entire buildings offline; outages affecting individual units in buildings will not appear on this map.

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1. Find the POE - The POE injector is the black box with two ethernet cables coming out of it and a light on the top. If the light is not illuminated, please ensure that the box is plugged into a power outlet. It looks something like this:

POE Injector

2. There are 2 ports on the POE:
a. The LAN port
b. The POE port
Follow the Ethernet cable running from the LAN port (that may currently be plugged into your router). Unplug this cable from your router and plug it directly into your computer's Ethernet port.

3. Disable the wireless connection on your computer. This stops your computer from looking for wireless networks and enables it to look solely for connection through the Ethernet cable.

4. Are you able to connect? If so, this indicates your Internet connection is active but the router is not working properly.

5. Are you still unable to connect? Unplug the POE injector from power for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Your connectivity should return within 5 minutes.


When the steps above don't provide the necessary information or resolution please open a ticket using the form below. During business hours you may also give us a call at 415-974-1313 Ext 2:

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