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Colocation services

Monkeybrains offers colocation services at two San Francisco locations, 200 Paul Ave and our Mission District Colo. Both buildings are secure, have enterprise cooling, and fiber optic connectivity.

200 Paul is a Tier 4 DataCenter that is SAS 70 certified, is seismically reinforced, has massive diesel generators and is home to several premier domestic and international carriers. At this facility we also peer with over 50 networks over SFMix and AMS-IX. Price depends on several factor (bandwidth, power, space). Most servers use less than one amp of power, are 1U and use less than the included bandwidth (50Mbps on a 1Gbps port). This costs $125/month. If you have a larger multi-cpu or multi-disk server the amperage will be higher. If you have multiple servers, included bandwidth is pooled across your servers. Monthly discounts available for full rack and half rack leasing.

Our Mission District Colo is an experimental facility with a basic level of colocation features. Only short term back up power is available here (3-5 hours), and you will find neither biometric readers nor 24 hour security guards at this location. Nevertheless, the colocation space is secured, has enterprise cooling, is connected to the internet via a 10Gbps fiber link. Coordinating physical access is easier than at 200 Paul facility. Most importantly, we target $75 per amp per month for servers at this facility. Bandwidth is bundled in the same way as our 200 Paul offering.

Please contact us to schedule a tour of either facility and to discuss your specific colocation needs.

200 Paul Ave Mission Colocation
Biometric security & 24 hour guard Yes No
Bandwidth Capacity 50Gbps + 10Gbps
Rough pricing based on peak amps $125/amp $75/amp
Will survive a large earthquake Yes No
Redundant Cooling Yes Yes
Redundant Power Ample Brownout
User Experience Strict, Professional Easy, Cheap
Classification Tier 4 Tier 2