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Business Service


Monkeybrains Business service delivers from 20 Mbps to 10 Gbps symmetric bandwidth (equal download and upload speeds). Unlike many of our competitors, we quote the minimum target delivery. All packages include unlimited data transfer and month-to-month billing with NO contracts required. We are typically able to get you up within a week!

Submit a request and we'll get crackin'!

Business Packages

Our standard business packages are as follows:
  • Boutique (qualifying buildings only)
    • For small outfits with 1–10 users
    • No data transfer limit
    • 1 dynamic IPv4 address
    • 20 Mbps+ symmetrical bandwidth
  • Classic
    • For midsize offices with 10–50 users
    • No data transfer limit
    • Static IPv4/6 addresses available
    • Packages from 25–200 Mbps
  • Enterprise
    • Ideal for large offices with 50+ users
    • No data transfer limit
    • Static IPv4/6 block available
    • Packages from 250 Mbps to 10 Gbps

Steps to getting you set up:

  1. Share your location and we'll send you information about speeds and pricing.
  2. Provide some specifics about access to roof and building's telecommunications area.
  3. Approach building management about permission to install. We can help navigate this process.
  4. Schedule a site survey with a Monkeybrains technician.
  5. Based on the survey, we'll provide a quote.
  6. Schedule an installation.

Event/Emergency Bandwidth

If you need service for an upcoming event please visit our Events page. 25 Mbps to 1Gbps packages available for short-term needs. Please inquire for pricing.

Back-up Links

Redundant internet connectivity is available at 50% of our standard business rates. Inquire here for pricing.

Static IPs

If statics are required, we can issue them once your installation is completed and we have received payment. IPv6 addresses are available in large numbers. However, IPv4 statics are in limited supply. Please contact us for more information about Static IPs.


Am I in range?

Short answer, yes... if you're in San Francisco. For other areas, please send us your information and we'll look into providing service to your specific location. You can also check out our coverage map to reference the general area we cover.

How quickly can I get service?

Fast! We can survey and install your business in 9 days or less. You will need permission from building management to install. We are happy to assist with this process.

What happens during the installation?

Check out How our Service Works for more information on what is involved in the physical installation.

What do I need to provide for the installation?

Monkeybrains customers will need to provide their own router to create a wireless network. Most standard, consumer-grade, wireless routers should work with our service. For the best performance, our Support team recommends Dual-Band routers in the $60+ range. Netgear, Linksys, and Apple products are among the most popular.For speeds above 50 Mbps please work with your IT professional in determining the best equipment to use.
Equipment that will NOT work with our service: devices provided to you by a cable or DSL company (modem/router combos).These devices are proprietary and will not work with other providers' service.

What is the difference between residential and commercial pricing?

Our Business uplinks provide high speed bandwidth to offices and commercial spaces. Businesses are not eligible for Residential rates as Residences, on average, use a fraction of the bandwidth that Business customers use. The cost difference between Residential and Business Rates reflects the cost of maintaining our networks in Residential and Business areas in San Francisco, the projected bandwidth that each type of client is expected to use, and the saturation of the respective networks.