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From the Piers to the Presidio, Monkeybrains can bring internet service to your event! We can provide from 25 Megabits to 1 Gigabit of short-term service in most of San Francisco. Please contact us so we can help you deliver blazing speeds to your event's location.

Buildings currently serviced by Monkeybrains

If you are planning an event in a building already serviced by Monkeybrains please let us know! We'll confirm we can meet your bandwidth requirements and determine if any additional work is required.

Buildings not yet serviced by Monkeybrains

There are a few factors necessary for a successful installation:
  1. Building management approval of a rooftop installation.
  2. Safe access to the roof without need for a helicopter.
  3. Unobstructed line of sight to our network (free of trees and buildings). Find out if we can service your building!


For locations that are not currently serviced by us our daily rates start at $3k. Once a rooftop installation is cleared with building management, we can conduct a site survey to determine final costs.

Steps to Bring Service to an Event:
  1. Share your location and we'll confirm we can service it from our network. You can also check out our coverage map to reference the general area we cover.
  2. Schedule a walk-through with Building Management, and your IT specialist, to understand the best way to deliver temporary service.
  3. Based on the survey, we'll provide a customized quote for installation.
  4. Schedule the installation (we recommend scheduling before your event's start-date for testing).


Can Monkeybrains service our event's location?

Please send us your information and we'll look into providing service to your specific location. You can also check out our coverage map to reference the general area we cover.

How quickly can I get service?

Demand for service is high, and we are currently doing all we can to shorten our lead time. At present, new installs run anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. Additionally, you will need permission from Building Management to install. We are happy to assist with this process.

What happens during the installation?

Check out How our Service Works for more information on what is involved in the physical installation.

What do I need to provide for the installation?

Monkeybrains customers will need to provide their own router to create a wireless network (wifi). Most standard, consumer-grade, wireless routers should work with our service. For the best performance, our Help Desk team recommends Dual-Band routers, in the $60+ range. Netgear, Linksys, and Apple products are among the most popular.
For speeds above 50Mbps please work with your IT professional in determining the best equipment to use.