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Monkeybrains' residential service is $35 per month, billed quarterly, with no contracts or hidden fees. Monthly billing is available on request for $40 per month. Our residential package is symmetric (equal bandwidth for download AND upload) and while many of our competitors quote up-to speeds, we guarantee speed minimums.

Contact us about what speeds and pricing are available at your location!


    Factors leading to a successful installation:
  1. HOA, landlord, or property management approval of a rooftop installation. We can help navigate this process.
  2. Safe access to the roof without need for a helicopter.
  3. Unobstructed line of sight to our network (free of trees and buildings). Find out if we can service your building!

For information on what is involved in the physical installation check out How our Service Works.

Single family homes and small apartment buildings

We offer one standard package for single family homes and small apartment buildings. This package guarantees the quoted minimum speeds and is suitable for small households engaging in standard residential use such as browsing the internet, sending email, streaming movies and playing video games.

    Getting you set up is quick and convenient:
  1. Submit information about your specific location and we'll confirm we can service it from our network.
  2. Provide some specifics about your roof type, roof access and confirm we have permission to install.
  3. Schedule a future appointment within a 2-hour window.
  4. On your scheduled date, we'll survey the site and install on the same day!

Multiple dwelling buildings with 10+ units

We often provide custom packages to larger buildings containing 10 or more units. With an access agreeement we can establish the building as part of our mesh network enabling delivery of blazing speeds. HOAs do not typically pay for our investment in the building. Fees will be applied to interested parties as they sign up.

    Steps to Bring Service to a Large Building:
  1. Submit information about your specific location and we'll confirm we can service it from our network.
  2. Investigate your property management's requirements for new service providers.
  3. Schedule a walk-through with Monkeybrains and your property management to help us understand the best way to bring service to the building.
  4. Based on the survey, we'll provide a quote.
  5. Schedule an installation of building infrastructure and interested units.

Historic and older buildings

We service many residential buildings, with legacy communications infrastructure, where customers are receiving blazing speeds in their respective units. We are able to use existing wiring, avoiding complicated and costly upgrades, to provide a high speed connection without disrupting building operations and tenants.


Am I in range?

Please send us your information and we'll look into providing service to your specific location. You can also check out our coverage map to reference the general area we cover.

How quickly can I get service?

Demand for service is high, and we are currently doing all we can to shorten our lead time. At present, new installs can be scheduled within 1 to 3 weeks. Additionally, if you live in a building with an HOA, landlord, or property manager, you will need permission to install. We are happy to assist with this process when needed. Monkeybrains is fully insured.

What happens during the installation?

Check out How our Service Works for more information on what is involved in the physical installation.

What do I need to provide for the installation?

Monkeybrains customers will need to provide their own router to create a wireless network (wifi). Most standard, consumer-grade, wireless routers should work with our service.For the best performance, our Support team recommends Dual-Band routers in the $75+ range. We Recommend Eero, Ubiquiti Amplifi, and Netgear products.
Equipment that will NOT work with our service: devices that were provided to you by a cable or DSL company (modem/router combos). These devices are proprietary and will not work with other providers' service.
You will NOT need a modem. In rare instances where a modem is required (VDSL) we will provide one!

What happens if my building does not want to work with Monkeybrains?

Very rarely -- less than 1 in 100 -- a building manager may not want us to install. That is ok, we can use local legislation to get you service through our affiliate, Tel-One Network Services. In San Francsico, there is Article 52, and in Oakland there is the Internet Choice Ordinance.

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