San Francisco-based ISP since 1998

Monkeybrains is acquiring Common Network's East Bay network and business! They did an awesome job building an extensive & robust wireless network and we're thrilled to be running it. We're also excited to be hiring a bunch of their team members and expanding our technician workforce by over 20%! Monkeybrains is proud to be the biggest independent ISP in San Leandro, Alameda, Oakland, and San Francisco.

If you're an active Common customer, we're delighted to have you on our network! Your internet service will continue as usual with no changes in your internet speed or your monthly rate. No action is required on your part. The only difference you might notice is the name Monkeybrains on your monthly billing cycle.

Our core ethos centers around net neutrality, community, and simplicity. Much like Common, we provide a thoroughly private and unbiased internet experience for all subscribers. Further, we don't require contracts for residential or business service and we never charge hidden fees.

Lastly, we have an extensive history working with local government and non-profits to bring gigabit internet to underserved communities in the Bay Area. We believe a stronger, more empowered community benefits all, and we'll continue putting boots on the ground to help achieve this end. Thank you for your subscribership.

The Monkeybrains team